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Killing cancer not people - What i would do if i had cancer

Autor - WRIGHT, Robert G
Assunto - Medicina
Classe - 610W
The book is truly amazing.. However, please DO NOT read this book as a first one as you start your quest for alternative cancer fights or battle for your own or one of your loved one's life. Simply because Bob is so sure in what he preaches he isn't focused into explaining things in details to a reader, I mean he just doesn't want to spend much energy on persuading the reader into his beliefs.
For me it was totally OK because I have researched (and still am) the topic in numerous places, so for me Bob's book came as a beautiful, simple, easy to read reminder, check-list, call it what you like... But if it were the first thing to come into my hands, I guess I could have some doubts on some of teh topics. I would recommend reading Susanne Sommers' Knockout first and than going back to Killing cancer!
To leave no doubt, I definitely recommend Bob's book in everybody's library!

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