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Life Extension revolution, The - The new science...

Autor - MILLER, Philiph Lee
Assunto - Medicina
Classe - 610M
This book translates cutting-edge anti-aging advances into a practical, easy-to-use program that will maximize your chances of living not only a long life - but a healthy, vibrant life. Drawing on his own clinical experience as well as the latest research from the Life Extension Foundation, Dr. Miller demystifies the aging process and provides you with - Detailed strategies integrating the most advanced mainstream therapies with nutrients, hormones, and holistic approaches from around the world; A comprehensive plan to protect yourself from cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease at the cellular level by controlling inflammation and oxidation - two degenerative processes that cause us to age prematurely; A guide to individualizing this lifesaving program, including the Longevity Diet for maximum vitality and effortless weight loss and a unique supplement regimen - plus how to use medical tests to monitor your progress; An inspiring vision of the future of life extension science and what your future will be like without disease, premature death and aging - with novel strategies to help you get there. This far-reaching anti-aging program will change your life forever.

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